This bride chose a neutral Oyster colour for her bridesmaid’s dresses. It’s a versatile colour which suited both the complexions of her bridesmaids as well as the colour palette of her wedding.



The empire style, which is flattering on just about any body shape or size featured a rouged bust line. A satin ribbon with a hand-made flower (matching the brides’) accentuated the empire style line.

These classic dresses were made from satin with chiffon over lay.



The mini bridesmaid’s wore a simpler version of the empire style in a mink pink colour. Their empire style lines were accentuated with the same satin ribbon & hand-made flowers as the bridesmaid’s.



This bride cleverly chose to use a contrasting colour for the accents of the dresses. It matched her dress as well as being the ‘thread’ that tied the different sets of dresses ‘together’.